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Hexagon Bolts High Tensile - Metric Fine

Product Code DIN960 (ISO8765)
HT Metric Fine Bolts...


We distribute and manufacture a vast range of standard, non-standard and special bolting from a range that spans M6 to M76 diameters. Our stocks of finished bolts are available up to M48 dia. x 300mm long, with diameters of M52 and above with lengths in excess of 300mm up to 1500mm manufactured from our large stocks of blank forgings.

Stock materials include grades 4.6 (mild steel) and 8.8 (standard high tensile), 10.9 and 12.9 (higher-grade high tensile) and B7 (petrochemical) for all metric sizes. In addition to carbon and alloy steels, we can offer all sizes in A2 (commercial) or A4 (marine grade) stainless steel, just two types among the range of non-ferrous materials we can supply.

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