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Dynamo Eyebolts

Product Code BS4278 Table 3
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Collared or dynamo eyebolts are available for many different uses. Dynamo eyebolts make provision for vertical lift only; if used in pairs a spreader frame is required. Capacities range from 0.10 to 3.20 tonnes. Collared eyebolts make provision for angled lifts (i.e. using a two leg sling) recommended not to exceed 45º from the vertical. Capacities range from 0.10 to 20 tonnes (metric sizes start at 0.10 tonne).

Dynamo eyebolts may be used up to the marked safe working load (SWL) for axial lifting only. For non-axial loading ensure the SWL is reduced by the appropriate factor. In non-axial loading the load should be applied within ± 5° of the plane of the eye.

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