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Socket Screw - Imperial Threads (1936)

Product Code BS2470 (1936 Series)
Socket Head Cap Screw, Allen Head Screw...


A socket cap screw, also known as a socket head cap screw, socket screw or Allen pin, is a type of screw with a cylindrical head and hexagonal drive hole. The term socket head cap screw typically refers to a type of threaded fastener whose head diameter is nominally 1.5 times that of the screw shank (major) diameter, with a head height equal to the shank diameter (1960 series design). In addition to the 1960 series design, other head designs include low head, button head and flat head; the latter designed to be seated into countersunk holes. A hex key (sometimes referred to as an Allen wrench or Allen key) or hex driver is required to tighten or loosen a socket screw. Socket head cap screws are commonly used in assemblies that do not provide sufficient clearance for a conventional wrench or socket.

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