Allthreads / Studbolts (DIN976 / ASTM – A193)

Product Code DIN976-1

Dinstock is a supplier of high tensile Allthreads or studding that can be made into any length required. For short pieces, we can offer a cropped & roll threaded option.

For longer lengths, we provide a cutting service from our standard diameters M8-M64 in 1000 and 3000mm stock lengths. We also offer all diameters, grades, and finishes in angled cut studs for resin anchor applications.


    Allthread: Useful Information

    Allthreads are used within the building, maintenance, and plumbing disciplines to stabilise objects that are made from metal, wood, and other building materials. Allthread is commonly known as threaded studs or threaded rods.
    The design of the thread allows for the use of connectors, nuts, and other fixings to be screwed onto the rod with ease in a short amount of time.

    Types of Materials Used for Allthread

    Allthread comes as standard in steel across a number of  different grades including 4.8, 5.8, 8.8, 10.9, and 12.9 – as well as other variations such as stainless steel or Duplex stainless steel. These are characterised by their high yield strength and improved corrosion resistance.
    Titanium is also effective, with a high strength-to-weight ratio and we also supply Allthread in a range of alloys. Nylon Allthread is has become more popular in the industry due to its lightweight, robust frame.

    Styles of Allthread

    There are a number of different styles of Allthread with benefits for various applications.
    Left-hand threads are also an option and are usually implemented for reverse threading which counteracts rotational forces.
    Imperial thread threaded rods are economical, often used within the plumbing and contractors
    ACME threads hold pitch per turn lengths of 3mm and are used for pivot motions and motion power generation.
    Fine pitch threaded rods, provide a stronghold in hard materials and thin-walled tubes