As an industry leading fastener manufacturer, operating internationally recognised quality systems is paramount to success. Dinstock holds the following accreditations:

All of our manufactured fasteners go through a rigorous testing process using the following machinery.

TesT – Rotational Testing Machine:

Onsite specialist testing of structural fasteners. Test up to M36 to grade 10.9.

Friction coefficient testing machines by TesT of model series 205 are market-leading, equipped with patented components and always built according to most modern test methodologies. Thus, TesT has created an instrument for safe and fast testing of screw connections for screws and bolts of M3 to M80.

The determination of friction coefficients is in the focus of analysis. TesT is market leader in this field of application and has already supplied numerous machines.

In collaboration with well-known manufacturers of screws, nuts and coating materials, as well as with important large-scale users of the automotive industry and their subcontractors we have brought to market numerous innovations and patents, particularly in the area of screw tests. Data evaluation is made online in the corresponding software TesTWinner® and in accordance to the applicable standards. Different international standards or companies internal standards may be stored and used alternatively.

Rockwell Hardness Tester ZHR4150AK:

Range of application – the hardness tester is part of the ZHR product family and covers the following:

Rockwell Methods (ZHR4150) According to ISO 6508 and ASTM E 18 Pre-load: 10 kg. Test load: 60, 100,150 kg Scales: A B C D E F G H K L M P R S V

Special characteristics:

Friction-free dead-weights.
Nose mounted indenter allows access to awkward to reach test points.
Extended range of applications by means of nose mounted indenter.
Fully automatic testing cycle and automatic conversion to alternative scale eliminates operator influence on the test results.
High level of test result reproducibility.
Robust construction with a play free screw spindle running on ball-bearings.
Workspace up to 250 mm high enables large workpieces to be tested.
Visual and audible signals when specified tolerance exceeded and during pre-load setting.
Full range of standard accessories.
RS232 interface as standard.
Special purpose component fixtures to suit individual customer requirements.