Foundation Bolts and Assemblies

SSOX remains one of the U.K.’s first choices for foundation bolting, utilising square holed base plates and void formers, it is an economical and effective solution for all concrete foundations. All standard lengths have extended thread lengths of 100mm plus the bolt diameter for easy adjustment once cast in place.

Available in 4.6, 8.8, A2 & A4. Plain or Galvanized from stock.

From M12 to M64 diameter and lengths up to 1,500mm Plate washers are manufactured and stocked in depth from 6mm – 25mm thick and 50mm – 200mm square. Special multi-holed plates and frames, to order, and welded framed assemblies are our speciality. In conjunction with the bolts and base plates we offer a comprehensive range of Void Formers; Wax Cardboard Cones, Polystyrene Cones, Expamet® Mesh Sleeves and Square & Circular section Steel Tubing. We also manufacture and stock a large range of Indented Bolting to Din.529 Pattern E available in 4.6, 8.8 A2 & A4. Other forms of foundation blot anchors are also catered for, including ‘L-Bolts’, ‘J-Bolts’, and bolting produced from Rebar® High Yield bars.

foundation bolts and assemblies