Foundation Bolting

How many types of foundation bolts are there?

There are many types of foundation bolt designs used in the UK, simple assemblies are normally compromised of a square square bolt with a square plate washer, a Wax Cardboard Conical Cone, nut and washer.

Other products used include L-Bolts or J-Bolts, both in plain round bar and Rebar.

The steel tube or expamet mesh tubing is often preferred to the wax cone and can be manufactured to required sizes.

Standard coatings such as zinc plating or HDG are also available. Other special coatings can be done where needed.

More complex designs may include bard manufactured to a drawing with welded plates, nuts and tubes, sometimes with the bolt end also boxed in for protection from the concrete pour.

Dinstock can provide a solution for all of the above, whether it is a standard product or a more complex product to a drawing needing special manufacture.