Tie Bars

Product Code Tie Bars

Tie rods may be connected at the ends in various ways, but it is desirable that the strength of the connection should be at least equal to the strength of the rod. The ends may be threaded and passed through drilled holes or shackles and retained by nuts screwed on the ends. If the ends are threaded right-hand and left-hand the length between points of loading may be altered. This furnishes a second method for pre-tensioning the rod at will by turning it in the nuts so that the length will be changed. A turnbuckle will accomplish the same purpose. The ends may also be swaged to receive a fitting which is connected to the supports. Another way of making end connections is to forge an eye or hook on the rod.

These round steel bars can have either clean-sawn or cropped ends. Intended for use in expansion or contraction joints, a wide range of standard sizes are available for immediate delivery.

Available in mill length to 12,000mm/40ft and up to 100mm/4inch diameters, Dinstock™ tie-rods may be cut to a specified length before shipment to the jobsite. We can also offer rollthreading on effective diameter bars M6-M39.