Hexagon Bolts / Hex Setscrews High Tensile
UN Threads (BS1768 / ANSI B.

Product Code BS1768

Although metrication has become the standard in most of today’s applications, there is still a requirement, although declining, for imperial diameters and thread forms for hexagon bolts and hex setscrews. We distribute standard ‘cold-formed’ sizes up to 1″ diameter and manufacture non-standard lengths and larger diameters from hot forged blanks.

Thread forms available are British Standard Whitworth (BSW), British Standard Fine (BSF), Unified Coarse (UNC), Unified Fine (UNF), and also 8-UN for Petrochemical sizes over 1″ dia. All blanks are stocked in BS 1083 (British Standard) and BS 1768 (Unified), available in alloy grades’, ‘T’, ‘V’, ‘X’, and SAE.8 (10.9). In addition to carbon and alloy steels, we can offer all sizes in A2 (commercial) and A4 (marine grade) stainless steel, just two types amongst the range of non-ferrous materials we can supply.

Hexagon bolt

    What Are Hexagon Bolts?

    A Hexagon Bolt or Hex Bolt is a threaded fastener with a hexagonal head designed to be installed with a spanner.  Hexagon Bolts are known for their solid shape and larger sizes than alternative fasteners, which makes them more suitable for more heavy-duty fastening applications.
    Dinstock has a wide range of Bolts, which are ideal for high-precision, heavy-duty fastening applications.