Direct Tension Indicator Washers (Dimple)

Product Code ABCGTUYE

The purpose of the Direct Tension Indicator Washers is to show that the defined preload can be achieved in the bolt.

The direct tension indicator can be used alone or with a bolt-faced washer or nut face washers conforming to BS EN 14399-1, in either case, it is essential that the direct tension indicators are used as part of an assembly in accordance with BS EN 14399-1.

To comply with BS EN 14399-1, it is essential that the assemblies are supplied by one manufacturer and include bolts, nuts, washers, and direct tension indicators

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Benefits of using Direct Tension Indicator Washers:

  • The use of Direct tension indicator washers is the simplest way of ensuring that bolting assemblies are tensioned properly.
  • Risk reduction on over-tightening.
  • DTIs can be fully flattened before the bolt yields thanks to their unique geometry, so a flattened DTI can be seen at a distance without the need for a feeler gauge.
  • The use of DTIs saves cost on inspection
  • DTIs provide assurance of slip resistance.
  • DTIs retain their accuracy regardless of their surface condition during tightening, be they oiled, coated, or even rusted.
  • No torque figures are required, only feeler gauges.
  • DTIs are manufactured in compliance with EN 14399-9 and can be supplied with CE-approved preload bolting assemblies.