Indented Foundation Bolts (DIN529)

Product Code DIN529-E

When imperial indented foundation bolting (IFB) to BS1494 was made obsolete, no equivalent was issued and therefore, when they were converted over to metric sizes, they were replaced by and manufactured in accordance with DIN529, Pattern E.

indented foundation bolts DIN529

    What are Indentented Foundation Bolts generally used for?

    Indented Foundation Bolts are a perfect solution to attach various structures together

    Known for their high strength, precise threading, and incredible durability. Indented foundation bolts have impressive high resistance to corrosion. Therefore, they are used today often in numerous industrial applications.

    You may also hear them referred to as rag bolts or even anchor bolts.

    These bolts are used most often to attach objects or structures to concrete, but they can also be used within the repairing of foundations that are candidates for replacement or repair.