Plain Flat Round Washers

Product Code BS4320 (DIN125)

All DIN125 and BS4320 form A-C washers are manufactured to precision tolerances and are termed bright mild steel. Available as standard in BZP finish. All DIN125 and BS4320 form E-G washers are manufactured to wider tolerances and are termed as black standard mild steel. Available in all finishes, Self-Colour, BZP, Galvanised, and Sheradised.

We stock flat washers in many types – bright steel, stainless steel, brass, copper, aluminium and fibre, to suit traditional and developing high technology industries whose requirements cover both metric and imperial dimensions. DinStock™ flat washers conform to British, European and American standards, including BS4310, BS4320, DIN125, DIN126, DIN128 and DIN137. Not only can we offer all types of standard flat washer; we can also manufacture specials for non-standard applications. Other standard washers available from stock include: chamfer washers, mudguard repair washers, spring lock washers, and serrated lock washers.