Preload Fastener Assemblies
Hexagon (EN14399-3)

Product Code EN14399-3 HR

High Strength Friction grip, abbreviated to HSFG are of High Tensile Strength used in conjunction with nuts and hardened washers in structural steelwork. The bolt is tightened to a specific minimum shank tension so that transverse loads are transferred across the joint by friction between the plates, rather than by shear across the bolt shank. Friction Grip bolting provides a simple and effective method of transmitting loads through a structural joint, by the friction on the contact face, developed through the high clamping force from correctly tightened bolts & nuts.

HSFG are fitted in clearance holes and since the connection is designed to resist slip, they are not subject to bearing or shear forces and therefore remain in virtual static tension throughout the life of the fixing.